This seed from Serbia that will feed half the world

In the Congress Center "Master" at the Novi Sad Fair, at the 86th International Agricultural Fair, the big championship cup was won by the company Best Seed Producer for the quality of finishing seed of agricultural products.

The company is owned by Vladimir Vrbashko , and this cup has been in BSP for the second consecutive year, which confirms the seriousness and quality of work. In addition to the champagne companies, at this year's Fair she won 12 medals for seed material and thus completed the collection of 38 medals so far.

Best Seed Producer is one of the largest finishing centers in the Balkans for the production and marketing of seeds, and the owner of the company, Vladimir Vrbashki , has equipped the latest Cimbria Heid equipment. Best Seed Producer was established in 2009 with the main activity of processing and packaging of seed of agricultural crops, namely strata of cereals, corn and oilseeds. With almost a decade of existence, companies are constantly growing and developing, consistently following their vision of winning the leading position in the agribusiness, which was also the main idea of ​​Vladimir Vrbaski.

Thanks to its excellent geographical position, because it is located in the heart of Vojvodina, in the area of ​​the largest southeastern European markets, as well as technical equipment, professional personnel and management, Best Seed Producer has no competition for decade.

Services that you can get in a company whose abbreviated name is BSP are numerous: