A festival that will put Serbia on the world map of films soon begins

The Best Seed Producer Best Seed Producer , owned by Vladimir Vrbashki , supported this year's "Ravno Selo Film Festival" whose founder is Lazar Ristovski .

In addition to film promotion, the main task of the festival is to build a Culture Center in this city from the funds collected, which was burned in a fire three years ago.

"The idea and the intention of the reconstruction have spread to the organization of the first film festival. The village is my childhood, and the one who forgets his childhood does not exist in the future. I want young people from the village to have a better future, and we will open this door to this future for them, "Ristovski said. He added that Vladimir Vrbashki sponsored this festival for the second consecutive year , which confirms the fact that culture finds and does not only consume in big cities because smaller areas are often nursery talents from all fields, even from culture.

Last year's festival was featured in the Debutant Film , Youth Film and Film Music , based on the youth of this region. Rich contents such as film workshops have enabled young talented generations of this art to record their short films for the duration that were premiered on the last night of the formal closing ceremony of the festival. Carried last year's and this year's festival will continue to organize young people to film, find out, study and create what will be one of the new movie works and great film achievements one day.

Last year's long film program was hosted behind the Cultural Center Ravno Selo, where five films were presented, two of which were from the visiting country of Russia and three from the countries of the region, and were awarded the monetary prizes; Golden statue of the best audiotaped film in the amount of 1000 euros and Golden pistel for the best director of the debut in the amount of 1500 euros by the choice of a stout jury. The short film program featured student films, and the host of these films was the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Belgrade. Their accomplishments were shown by Serbian students in our country and in China, after which they also presented their personal experiences, and the best film was awarded with the Golden Clip for Young Writer award, and in this part of the festival, 12 short school films were shown on the Film Review " From Novi Sad.

The founder Lazar Ristovski pointed out that for every organization a sincere love and will is needed. "I'm doing volunteer work, which means a lot of love. I have it. How to film and my Ravoselce and neighbors from neighboring places, "concludes Lazar Ristevski. This year's festival will be held from 21 to 23 June 2019. .

The Fair Fair The Film Festival is just one of a series of actions that BSP Vladimir Vrbashki supports and sponsors. In addition to cultural, Vrbaski also helps many educational, sports, ecclesiastical, educational and health institutions and actions. For his selfless contributions, great charity work, Vladimir Vrbaski was awarded the Order of the Holy Savior of the second order. In addition to the company Best Seed Producer in the business system of Vladimir Vrbas, there are also seed testing laboratories and control body Srbolab , then refrigerator Cold Storage and company Scom .